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Adopt me!

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Dec. 17th, 2008 | 12:18 pm
mood: hopefulhopeful
music: Iced Earth - Setian Massacre
posted by: squeaktastic in wayside

Free to a good home:

One male character, early to mid thirties, hunter of demons and other such monstrosities. Baggage includes ex-girlfriend (off-and-on relationship destined for greatness) and six-year-old son. Answers to the name of James.

Jody Kesler (jo_kesler) and James (lastnamehere) met in college. He's a couple years older than she. They started dating almost immediately and one night after a stupid decision involving too much alcohol and no condoms...well. When James found out Jody was pregnant, he did the stupid thing and ran. Back then if anyone asked why he did it, he'd say a hunters life is no life for a family but really he was just a scared stupid guy.

A couple years later, James is approached by a very pissed off Navia while James is in the shower. She demands to know what his problem is and tells him his son is in danger and it'll be James' fault if his 2 year old son Rory dies.

Rory was being chased by a Rumplestiltskin type demon after being promised by Jody's former employer that Rumplestiltskin could have the child in exchange for wealth. Jody fought the demon once and ran, travelling the states in an RV with her friend Marcus and his girlfriend Chelsea. James caught up with them towards the end and helped defeat the demon once and for all (with a little help from his telekinetic son, meaning his son guided the bullet that James shot at the demons head during its weakest moment. It wouldn't have hit the demons head right otherwise)

Since then, James has been at Jody and Rory's side. The PB I keep picturing him as is the lead singer from Maroon 5 but thats negotiable.

Please please please someone help us out.

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